Stop smoking at home council say

A council is urging smokers not to light up in their homes and cars.

Stevenage Borough Council has teamed up with Stevenage Football Club to warn parents of the dangers of second-hand smoke for their children and partners.

The Smokebusters scheme was launched last week at the football club when parents and pupils from eight Stevenage schools went along.

Andrew Western, a parent of an Ashtree School pupil, said he would go further than not smoking in the house and car after being breath-tested at the launch.

“I got a shock when I blew into the monitor to have my carbon monoxide levels tested,” he said. “I was stunned by how high my reading was and it made me realise why I was struggling for breath when I walk the dog. I now know that giving up smoking is my only real option.”

A council spokesman said: “Parents can sign up to the scheme by making a commitment to make their homes and cars completely smoke free. This will not only reduce the harm caused to children and others by second-hand smoke, but will also discourage young people from starting to smoke and encourage adults to try to give up.”

Sherma Batson, health portfolio holder at the council, said: “We believe that our Smokebusters scheme is the first of its kind because we are asking people to commit to doing just one thing – make your home and car smoke free at all times.

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“All you have to do is sign the pledge and send it to us. With our partners, we will offer you all the advice and support you need to quit smoking.”

Further information on the scheme is available by calling 0800 3893 998 or by logging on to