Stop climate change group gain MP’s support

A STOP climate change group have called on their community to do more to be environmentally friendly and have gained their MP’s support.

The North East Herts group of the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition met with MP for North East Herts Oliver Heald to ask for his support on The Energy Security and Green Economy Bill, entering Parliament later this month.

Mr Heald was also asked to encourage the UK’s representatives at the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference to push for an ambitious global deal on climate change when they meet in Cancun, Mexico, in December.

Mr Heald said: “I will be writing to the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State at the Department of Energy and Climate Change to express my support for decisive action both domestically, through the new Energy Bill, and internationally, at the Cancun Climate Change Conference.

“I will also be very happy to lend my support to reasonable and viable local initiatives.”

Coordinator for the North East Herts’ group Stuart Reddaway, who was “very pleased” with the news, added: “Deep cuts to greenhouse gas emissions are needed in this decade to prevent future generations inheriting a devastated planet.

“We hope that in the coming months and years Oliver will give the highest priority, in words and votes, to all matters that will cut greenhouse gas emissions, even when under pressure not to.

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“As well as national legislation, it is important that local people and councils are encouraged to save energy, for example by making big improvements to the insulation of existing houses, and also to increase local renewable energy generation, such as from the sun and wind.”