Stevenage zebra crossing potholes will cause ‘a terrible accident’

Zebra crossing damage on Broadwater Crescent

Zebra crossing damage on Broadwater Crescent - Credit: Archant

THE chairman of a residents’ group is worried there could be a terrible accident due to the state of a number of zebra crossings.

The crossing in Marymead is in bad condition

The crossing in Marymead is in bad condition - Credit: Archant

Jean Day, chairman of the Roebuck and Marymead Residents’ Group in Stevenage, said she first reported potholes on four pedestrian crossings in Broadwater Crescent in March but is yet to see the matter fully resolved.

She told the Comet: “We’ve reported problems with the four zebra crossings a number of times but nothing is being done. It really is disgusting.

“Our concern is for the schoolchildren who use the one between Roebuck shops and the Esso petrol garage. The one by Marymead shops is opposite Gladstone Court which is sheltered housing with lots of elderly people living there. There could easily be a terrible accident.”

A spokesman for Ringway, which carries out road maintenance on behalf of Hertfordshire County Council, said that six potholes had been repaired at the zebra crossing near Gladstone Court earlier this month and that the area has been identified for future works.

The zebra crossing near Roebuck Gate was also visited by Ringway, with the lining on the crossing said to be in poor condition which has since been put forward to be remarked.