Stevenage theatre-lover proposes to Will Smith as part of filmed leap year surprise

Nikki proposed to unsuspecting Will on camera.

Nikki proposed to unsuspecting Will on camera. - Credit: Archant

A Stevenage theatre-lover surprised her boyfriend with a special leap year proposal on Monday – and to add to the excitement, it was all caught on camera.

Will Smith, 39, thought film crews were there for a documentary about relationships, so he was understandably surprised when Nikki Milton got down on one knee at the Old Vic theatre near London’s Waterloo.

Nikki said: “We are very into amateur dramatics, so it was an obvious choice of venue.

“I’d written down quite a lot to say for the proposal, but I don’t know if I said any of it!

“It’s not something most women do.”

Drawing parallels with Will’s namesake, she added: “Who can say they have got engaged to Will Smith?”

After a nationwide hunt and a series of auditions, Nikki, 35, who is secretary to the mayor of Hertford, was chosen as one of the three couples to take part in the romantic surprise organised by ITN and First Choice. She said: “I’d seen someone post something on Facebook about it, so thought: ‘Why not?’”

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The theatrical pair, who are both members of Hertford Dramatic and Operatic Society, first met at an audition.

They have a baby daughter, Leonie, and Nikki also has another daughter, Livvy, from her first marriage.

The proposal was watched by family members who were in on the surprise as Nikki took advantage of the tradition that women can pop the question to men on February 29 in a leap year. Nikki said: “We were talking about what we want to do for the wedding, but we haven’t got a clue at this stage!”

Two other couples also got engaged as part of the First Choice Live Leap Year Proposal. Sara Conde’s proposal to her partner Jason Taylor was aired live to the nation in a UK television first during an ad break for Coronation Street.

Travel firm First Choice presented each couple with £1,000 worth of holiday vouchers and will help plan their honeymoon.

To watch the proposal on YouTube, search for ‘Nikki and Will’s Story + Proposal First Choice.’