Stevenage teenager Shanice is on a mission to inspire body confidence

Shanice Smith is competing in Miss British Beauty Curve on Saturday.

Shanice Smith is competing in Miss British Beauty Curve on Saturday.

A teenager who wants to inspire her younger sister to have body confidence will compete in the final of a pageant for plus size people on Saturday.

Shanice Smith, of Stephenson Mews in Stevenage, will be judged on the catwalk as well as in an interview when she takes part in Miss British Beauty Curve 2015 in Surrey.

The 19-year-old, who is a size 14 to 16, said: “I have got a younger sister and I want to inspire her to have body confidence.

“I entered this competition to get the message across that being a little bigger is not wrong.

“When I was growing up I was oblivious to the ‘guidelines’ on what a little girl should be. I was the type where if I wanted to do something, I would do it.

“However, over the last year it has come to my attention how young girls are either taunted or feel different about how they look, which can lead to shocking results.” Shanice said some of her friends have developed disorders due to concerns about their appearance.

The Roehampton University student said: “I believe we should embrace our differences. Those quirks and flaws are what make you unique, and beauty comes from within.

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“The younger generation of today should care more about their education rather than how many calories a burger contains. This is not the way a child should be growing up.”

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