Stevenage schoolgirl made to take part in PE lesson against doctor’s orders


- Credit: Daniel Wilson

A 14-year-old girl was made to take part in a school PE lesson despite doctor’s orders not to undertake any physical activity.

The girl, who has asked to remain anonymous, was unable to attend The Nobel School in Stevenage for two weeks after having her appendix removed.

However on her third day back last week, she was made to referee a football match after staff misplaced a letter from her parents which stated that she was unable to take part in any physical activity.

She was taken to Lister Hospital in Stevenage later that day suffering from abdominal pain and inflammation. Appendectomy patients are usually advised to avoid any physical activity for up to six weeks.

Father Ian Page said: “It’s absolutely ridiculous. I was disgusted at the lack of care and consideration taken by the staff. We are all lucky this wasn’t a lot worse because, without any proper procedures in place, this could have happened to any child at that school.

“My daughter is not the kind of girl to disobey what the teacher has told her to do so, once they said for her to get changed and take part, she did what she was told. There is a need for some serious changes.”

Nobel headteacher Martyn Henson said: “We regret that this situation developed at our school. We have apologised to the student and her family that this happened and have revisited our policy and put into place procedures so that, as far as possible, it doesn’t happen again. The safeguarding of students at Nobel is of paramount importance to us.”