Stevenage’s humble mixmaster Lewis co-directs music video with BAFTA winner Adam Deacon – and has big plans for the future

Lewis Millard and Adam Deacon

Lewis Millard and Adam Deacon - Credit: Archant

A former Stevenage supermarket worker who left his job to pursue his dream career in the music industry has just finished working on a video for a critically-acclaimed Bafta-winning actor, rapper and director.

Lewis Millard, who went to Moss Bury Primary School and The Nobel School used to work shifts at Sainsbury’s in Corey’s Mill, but he has just completed co-directing a music video for 2012 Bafta Rising Star winner Adam Deacon.

Apart from his directorial input Lewis also helped master Adam’s latest single, Feel The Pain, which the video accompanies. He said: “It was great working with Adam. He’s a really great guy.

“Even though he’s a big name he’s just a down-to-earth person with no airs or graces, and makes you feel really comfortable working with him.

“Feel The Pain is real in terms of what has happened to him and his experience of the music industry.”

Adam summed up his work by saying: “Mixing is making the track sound good, while mastering it makes it ‘radio friendly’, bright and loud.

“The reception for the video since it was released this month has been amazing.

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“It has been featured regularly on major music video channels and the number of views it has had is almost at six figures in such a short time.”

Adam added: “Thanks to Lewis for his help with my music.”

Talented Lewis is also busy working on his multi-platform label Deaconstructive which covers music, film and fashion in conjunction with Adam.

Lewis, 24, who has previously produced an album with artist Kinetic 9 – part of the hip-hop group Kilarmy which is affiliated to the hugely successful Wu-Tang Clan – has high hopes for the brand, adding: “I’ve got big plans and projects for this year, as well as with Deaconstructive – so watch this space.”

You can download Feel The Pain from iTunes.

For more information on Lewis follow him on twitter @iamLewisMillard or visit