Stevenage’s hard-working but humble Lewis works with Wu-Tang Clan’s Kinetic for A Better Future – as well as BAFTA winner Adam Deacon

Stevenage's talented Lewis Millard

Stevenage's talented Lewis Millard - Credit: Archant

A former Stevenage schoolboy who quit his job to follow his dream is now working with a member of a top American rap band, as well as a Bafta award winning actor and rapper.

Lewis Millard, who went to Moss Bury Primary School and The Nobel School, decided to say goodbye to the health and leisure industry to pursue a career as a music producer and mixer – and hasn’t looked back.

The brave move was such a success that Lewis, who celebrated his 24th birthday on Sunday, ended up producing an album with artist Kinetic 9 – part of the hip-hop group Killarmy which is affiliated to the Wu-Tang Clan, described by critics as the most influential rap group of all time.

Lewis said: “I’ve always been heavily into my music whether it be from my older brother or from my mum always playing music in the house when we were kids.

“My first time mixing was when I was 13 in my bedroom. I loved it and decided I wanted it to be my career.

“So I spent about five years teaching myself how to mix while working to earn money for the equipment and to support myself.

“I worked night shifts at Sainsbury’s in Corey’s Mill, and my mum and dad were a great help.

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“I got a job in a health spa – but when you’ve got a dream, and you work hard doing unrelated jobs just to help finance it then sometimes it gets in the way.

“I knew it was time to try and make the leap when I found myself worrying about work things instead of concentrating on my music so I left to focus on music full time.

“Working with the Wu-Tang Clan happened through a mutual friend and social media.

“I came across some unreleased work of theirs so I got in touch through Twitter to let them know and it went from there. Kinetic 9 and all the guys are top people and very successful – but they’re also down to earth, and I’ve massive respect for them.

“I’ve just finished mastering the album Kinetic Armoury by Kinetic 9 which is on iTunes, and I’m also working on a project with the actor, rapper, writer and director Adam Deacon.

I want to work as hard as I can and see where it gets me – but I’m glad I’m doing what I’m doing.”

Kinetic said: “Lewis has musical talent. He’s confident and upbeat with a knack for the business,”

Adam added: “I’m looking forward to working on new material with him.”