Stevenage parents remember daughter on anniversary of pedestrian crossing death

THE parents of a young girl who was killed at a pedestrian crossing have paid tribute to their daughter on the second anniversary of her death as safety measures are investigated.

Toufik and Yvonne Moumen have been remembering their 10-year-old daughter Yesmine who was killed in December 2010 after she collided with a car while crossing Monkswood Way in Stevenage.

Speaking about Yesmine, a pupil at Broom Barns and Bedwell Primary schools, the Stevenage couple told the Comet: “Yesmine was very beautiful, kind, full of life and very ambitious. She achieved a lot in her 10 years of life. She always strived to be the best at everything and was very competitive at school, in swimming and at running.

“Her teachers, carers and friends at both primary schools she attended will always remember her for her kindness, helpfulness, infectious personality and her beautiful smile. Due to our circumstances of the past two years, we never had the opportunity to publicly thank all her teachers and school friends both at Broom Barns and Bedwell Primary schools for their help and support during these sad times.

“We would also like to thank all those kind people of Stevenage, friends, neighbours and colleagues who helped and supported us since the accident.

“We shall never forget you Yesmine and all what you’ve done, your legacy will live on with us until the end of our time and we’re reunited with you.”

Mr and Mrs Moumen are campaigning for changes to be made to the crossing and have welcomed news that Herts County Council has carried out a speed survey this month and have installed a CCTV camera for a four-week period.

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The couple want to see the speed limit reduced in Monkswood Way from 40mph to 30mph, with permanent speed and CCTV cameras installed.

Mr Moumen added: “We believe this crossing deserves the same attention as any major junctions where you have a supermarket, a college and a very built up residential area. The crossing at Sainsbury’s in Corey’s Mill has definitely benefitted from the cameras.

“There have been several accidents in the past few months at the Asda junction, but thank God no one was seriously hurt. We want to prevent any future tragedies from happening and ensure pedestrians are always safe.”