Stevenage parents flushed with pride after toilet birth

A FATHER says he has been left “shocked” after his heavily-pregnant partner gave birth into their toilet after a brief labour.

Kirsty Chadderton and Paul Woodward, both of Exchange Road, Stevenage, were lying in bed last Tuesday when the 24-year-old’s contractions started and 49 minutes later she rushed to the loo.

Miss Chadderton, who was 39 weeks pregnant, said: “I was in bed and I started getting a sharp pain at about 1am so I got up and my partner got up and it was coming every two minutes for one contraction.

“I went to the toilet because I felt like I needed to go.

“I sat down and my water went and I felt like I needed to push and there she was.”

Miss Chadderton, a full-time mother, says she has never heard of a birth like it. She had to endure a lengthy labour with her first child Cameron, aged two.

Despite the speed of Kelsey’s birth, who weighed in at 6lb 15oz, it was the quick thinking of her partner, also 24, who ensured his child’s safety when he rescued the infant, who was head-first in the toilet.

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He said: “There wasn’t really time to think what to do, I just did it, I was more shocked afterwards.

“I just can’t believe it, I can’t believe how quick it was from the point of Kirsty going into labour to when she was born.”

Soon after the birth an ambulance arrived and transported Miss Chadderton and took her daughter to Lister Hospital where they were checked over and both given the all clear.

Despite the circumstances Mr Woodward said his daughter’s early birth was a “silver lining” to the unusual episode.