Stevenage parent ‘double standards’ claim over traffic warden parking

A PARENT who has photographed traffic wardens parking on yellow lines outside two schools has said it is a case of “double standards”.

Iain Kilmurray has taken photos of two wardens parking on double yellows opposite St Vincent de Paul and Bedwell Primary schools in Stevenage.

Mr Kilmurray, whose daughter attends St Vincent de Paul, has labelled the civil enforcement officers as “hypocrites” and has called for the practice to stop before a pupil is killed.

The Stevenage resident said wardens had started parking on double yellow lines in Bedwell Crescent at the start of term in September, with the latest incident on Monday.

“On multiple occasions I have seen and photographed the cars – Toyota Aygo DA61 ZXK and DA61 ZXS – parked on the double yellow lines outside the school, while enforcing the no parking on the double yellow lines,” said the 27-year-old.

“This is total double standards as it is dangerous to park in this position outside the school and on Monday they were directly next to where the lollipop person runs a crossing.

“I understand civil enforcement officers (CEO) are permitted by law to park where necessary to safely carry out their enforcement duties. This is not a safe place to park, hence the double yellow lines outside the school.

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“This must stop now before a child is knocked down and killed from stepping out from behind the CEO’s car. I’ve spoken to the officer and he’s just laughed if off. It’s extremely hypocritical.”

A spokesman for Stevenage Borough Council said: “The double yellow lines are there to ensure that traffic flows efficiently and that safe access can be achieved by vehicles and cyclists. On occasion and where there is no alternative, it is necessary for our enforcement officers to use the yellow lines as a stopping point. In such cases, they do so in a careful and safe manner, always remaining mindful of their health and safety obligations.”