Stevenage not getting fair crack of the whip, says Westley

Graham Westley has a word with match referee Lee Collins

Graham Westley has a word with match referee Lee Collins - Credit: Archant

Boro boss unhappy with decisions that he says went against his side in their home defeat to York City

Graham Westley says Stevenage are not being given a fair crack of the whip by match officials.

The Boro boss was furious with the decision to send Andy Bond off against York City on Saturday in addition to the awarding of a 75th minute penalty to the visitors which allowed Nigel Worthington’s men to beat Stevenage 3-2.

“I’m fed up coming out and talking about decisions. I really am,” Westley told the BBC.

“Watching us play eight minutes of added time one week [at Plymouth Argyle] when we’re ahead and I’m fed up watching us get four minutes of added time the next when we’re behind.

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“I’m fed up listening to people coming and talking to me in the dugout for doing nothing. I don’t know why people have got an interest in talking to me.

“[The referee] is telling me I’m not allowed to shout. Why am I not allowed to shout? What is my job if it’s not to shout from the dugout? The attitude that is shown towards us is a disgrace.

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“I look at the big incidents, I look at the sending off where Bondy very clearly as you slow the motion down reaches with his left foot to block the ball. He realises that the player isn’t going to play it, he plants his foot on the ground and he wins the ball with his right foot.

“If you interpret it that he’s gone two-footed that’s wrong as he’s gone with his left foot, he’s planted it and he’s won the ball with his right.

“We’re down to 10 men and we put in a sterling effort and get ourselves back in the game and we see a penalty.

“That referee was completely blocked on the penalty. We looked at the footage and he can’t see it.

“He’s reaching round to try and see and the linesman with a clear view carries the game on as if nothing’s happened because he can clearly see the boy has stumbled in front of Tom [Pett] who has pulled himself back to make no contact.

“And I’m here talking about decisions again, and I’m here looking at officials and thinking that it’s just not right.”

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