Stevenage need to avoid falling into losing habit, says Sheringham

Teddy Sheringham

Teddy Sheringham - Credit: Archant

Teddy Sheringham says it is imperative Stevenage pick up their first win sooner rather than later and don’t begin to foster a losing mentality.

Boro have lost their opening two games, 2-0 to Notts County in their season opener and 3-1 at Ipswich Town in the Captial One Cup, and ahead into Saturday looking to break that streak at Newport County.

While Sheringham has seen positives - and plenty of negatives - from the first two games but says the team needs to find a way to win games, and very quickly.

“Both performances have been OK from my point of view. We have to learn very quickly how to win or get points out of football matches; losing matches becomes a habit and we have to get out of that habit very quickly,” he said.

“It’s only the first week of the season but it is an important time. We have to go to Newport and make sure we can grind out a result. I’d be very pleased if we can grind out a 0-0 to get a point on the table.

“I will never go to a football club and try to play for a draw, but to take a point away from home in a place where they’ll be scrapping for everything would be an improvement on what we’ve done because it’s learning to get something out of football match.

“We’re going there to win, make no mistake about that.”

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Despite Boro’s ‘need’ for a win, Sheringham believes he is not the sort of manager to panic, not now or in the future.

“I’d lke to think I’ll never be panicking. It’s about me keeping clam and telling my players what I think they should be doing and responding to that. And them showing me what they can do and maybe come up with something special to change a match,” he said.