Stevenage murder victim’s family say: ‘More could and should have been done’

Amelia Arnold

Amelia Arnold - Credit: Archant

THE parents of murder victim Amelia Arnold have said more should have been done to help their daughter.

Speaking after her former boyfriend Jack Wall was convicted of her murder, Miss Arnold’s family said: “We are obviously extremely pleased with the verdict of the jury. They have taken time to go over the facts and have reached the correct decision, and I thank them for that.

“I would just like to say that more could have and should have been done to help my daughter Amelia.

“She was so scared of this man that she was unable to tell her family how she had been treated, and threatened that if she did tell anyone especially the police he would kill her.

“No one should be treated the way my daughter was prior to her death, and no matter what the outcome of the jury was to be, she was killed in the worse possible way in my opinion. She was beaten to death.

“Nothing is going to bring Amelia back to us. We will never get over this tragedy, but in time the loving, funny, beautiful memories of Amelia will over shadow this horrific period.”

Wall, 22, who lived with Miss Arnold in Hadrian’s Walk, Stevenage, was convicted this morning (Friday), after jurors unanimously returned a guilty verdict.

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He had denied murder, but pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

He is due to be sentenced on Monday.