Stevenage murder trial: Teenage mum’s body disposal ‘orchestrated’ by defendant’s uncle

Jack Wall is accused of murdering Amelia Arnold

Jack Wall is accused of murdering Amelia Arnold - Credit: Archant

THE uncle of a 22-year-old man facing a murder charge “orchestrated” the disposal of the body of his nephew’s ex-girlfriend, a court heard today (Wednesday).

Amelia Arnold

Amelia Arnold - Credit: Archant

Joseph Potter was branded a “liar” by Jack Wall’s defence, who claimed Potter was instrumental in dumping the body of Amelia Arnold, 19, who his nephew lived with in Hadrian’s Walk, Stevenage, along with their 11-month-old daughter Lexi.

Defending Wall, Mohammed Khamisa QC told Blackfriars Crown Court in London: “I have seen a statement and I believe that on that [you say you want] closure for Amelia’s family.

“That’s a lie isn’t it? You lied and lied and lied throughout your dealing with the police when you were first arrested.”

Potter has admitted assisting an offender and obstructing a coroner, and was taken out of police custody this morning to stand as a witness.

Mr Khamisa alleged Potter only came forward to give evidence against his nephew as “he was in a lot of trouble”.

He also questioned the honesty of the 42-year-old’s evidence, and said Potter told Wall how to bury Miss Arnold in a Hatfield woods.

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Mr Khamisa told jurors Wall’s uncle drove from his home in Sycamore Avenue, Bletchley, for the express purpose of disposing of Miss Arnold’s body, and was called due to his criminal history as he has more than 100 convictions.

Mr Khamisa said: “Uncle Joe who has criminal convictions and knows the system is going to sort it, you orchestrated what happened next.

“You took control with all your experience of the criminal justice system.”

Potter denied this and refuted claims he was called to dispose of the body.

He told the court he was “involved in a situation he did not want to be involved in”, and did not hand himself in as he was scared.

Wall, who has admitted manslaughter but denies murder, is expected to give evidence tomorrow (Thursday).

The case continues.