Stevenage MP set to continue his stand against COVID-19 lockdowns

Stevenage MP Stephen McPartland. Picture: Archant

Stevenage MP Stephen McPartland. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

Stephen McPartland, the MP for Stevenage, has confirmed he is set to vote against Prime Minister Boris Johnson's proposed national lockdown.

Referencing mental health concerns and "forgotten" key workers such as teachers, postmen, supermarket workers and more, Mr McPartland said he "cannot vote for this lockdown until March 31."

It adds to a collection of tweets from Mr McPartland showing his lack of support for the latest lockdown measures.

In full his tweet, which has been liked by thousands of users, read: "I cannot vote for this lockdown to March 31.

"Adult and child mental health issues are still being forgotten along with supermarket workers, delivery drivers, emergency services, NHS, carers, teachers, postmen and millions of low paid people who are required to go to work."

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Previously, Mr McPartland voted against the four-week November lockdown - where he cited his concerns over the impact on mental health issues, key workers, and low-income families.

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