Stevenage model admits to calling Chinese restaurant manager ‘Japanese’ and threatening to kill him over alleged hair in food

Kristi Hewer pleaded guilty at Stevenage Magistrates' Court yesterday.

Kristi Hewer pleaded guilty at Stevenage Magistrates' Court yesterday. - Credit: Archant

A Stevenage model yesterday admitted to calling the manager of a Chinese restaurant ‘Japanese’, leaving without paying and yelling ‘I’ve got a gun and I’m going to kill you’.

Kristi Hewer, who Stevenage Magistrates’ Court heard has ‘modelled for numerous publications’, pleaded guilty to one count of racially aggravated harassment, one count of making off without payment and to two counts of threatening or disorderly behaviour, and has been ordered to pay a total of £436.90.

Tempers flared after the 25-year-old, of Downlands in Stevenage, allegedly discovered hair in her food at the Taste Oriental Buffet & Grill in Queensway at about 8pm on February 9.

The court heard that the mum-of-three declined the offer of a reduced bill and became abusive.

She swore at the restaurant manager, referring to him as ‘Japanese’, and left without paying anything.

When the manager walked out after her, the court heard that Hewer yelled at him to stop following her – which led to the police being called at 8.20pm.

One of the two officers who attended the scene told the court that Hewer had shouted at the manager: “I’ve got a gun and I’m going to kill you.”

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He continued that Hewer had appeared to be drunk and, when arrested, swore about the manager and made reference to him being ‘foreign’.

The defence told the court that Hewer had left an abusive relationship and had suffered from depression which ‘seems to have all come out on this night’.

It was stated that Hewer profoundly regretted her behaviour and accepted in hindsight that she should have simply accepted the reduced bill.

Hewer said that she was planning to move away soon with her one-year-old child to join her new partner. The defence asked the court to ‘let her continue her life up north, away from Stevenage’.

Hewer was fined £180 for harassment and deception, £80 for making off without paying, and £40 for threatening behaviour. She was also ordered to pay the £31.90 restaurant bill, as well as £20 compensation to the owner Yuen Ping Li and £85 in costs.

Chairman of the bench Kenneth Crofton also advised Hewer to write a letter of apology to the restaurant, which she agreed to do.

A charge of failing to surrender to the court on March 21 was withdrawn. A second count of racially aggravated harassment and a third count of threatening behaviour were also dropped.

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