Stevenage man seeks answers after six-year pavement complaint

Wonky paving stones along a footpath on Grace Way are causing concern for local residents

Wonky paving stones along a footpath on Grace Way are causing concern for local residents - Credit: Archant

A man says he feels he is “being laughed at” over a damaged paving stone he has been complaining about for six years.

Tony Chapman, 61, of Grace Way in Stevenage, says he first became aware of the damaged path when he moved to the area in 2008.

Since then he claims three members of his family have tripped over the damaged path and fears a serious accident could happen if it is not repaired.

He says he has reported it to both Stevenage Borough Council (SBC) and Hertfordshire County Council’s (HCC) Ringway road maintenance agency - both of whom claimed the other was responsible.

Mr Chapman said: “The council says it’s not their responsibility, Ringway says it’s not their responsibility. Where’s the accountability?

“I feel like I’ve been pushed from pillar to post - like I’m being laughed at. There are a lot of people using that footpath on a regular basis. Mothers walk along there to take their children to school and we have a number of elderly residents in the area - how long can it be before there is a serious accident? It only takes a bang on the head for something terrible to happen - someone really could die.

“My daughter, my wife, and my father have all tripped or fallen on that pavement. I can’t imagine how many others have had a similar experience. I have been complaining about this ever since I moved in and finally now, after six years of waiting, my patience has well and truly run out. One of these departments must finally take responsibility - enough is enough.”

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SBC and HCC say they are now actively investigating Mr Chapman’s complaint in order to determine who is responsible for the repair works.