Liberal Democrat candidate for Stevenage Lisa Nash on why you should vote for her in the General Election

Liberal Democrat candidate for Stevenage Lisa Nash. Picture: Lisa Nash

Liberal Democrat candidate for Stevenage Lisa Nash. Picture: Lisa Nash - Credit: Archant

As part of our General Election 2019 coverage, Liberal Democrat candidate for Stevenage Lisa Nash has her say on why she deserves your vote.

I'm Lisa Nash and I am standing as the Liberal Democrat Candidate for Stevenage. I'm a North Herts District Councillor in Knebworth, where I live, and am popular with and respected by my constituents for my hard work and approachability.

I'm a midwife and midwifery lecturer. I'm a single mum to a school-age child with special needs. I've been a police special and a St John's Ambulance volunteer. This gives me a real understanding of the experiences and frustrations of constituents across both rural and town areas of Stevenage in trying to access underfunded and overstretched public services.

It doesn't have to be like this.

We need to resource our public services properly and pay staff fairly so that we can attract the best people to fill vacancies.

As a Liberal Democrat I believe in a fair society where we can all access services such as education, health and social care; where working hard means you can put a roof over your head, feed your family and have a little left over. The Liberal Democrats have ambitious, fully-costed proposals to ensure that when we need to access our vital public services they are there, properly staffed and funded.

We are facing a climate emergency. We need a fundamental change to how we think. Labour and Conservatives have talked about a few initiatives whereas we have a joined-up and challenging plan. There is no alternative - there is no Planet B.

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Only by voting Liberal Democrat can you ensure that we remain in the EU. As members of the EU we enjoy greater advantages than we would outside it. Our membership will help us to resolve the issues that are important to people in this constituency, many of whose jobs rely on EU membership. If we remain in the EU we can fight for reform from within.

I want to be a voice for us in Stevenage, standing up for what is important to us, speaking out and voting in Parliament for our best interests.

If it's important to you, then it's important to me.