Stevenage is unhappiest place in Hertfordshire


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Stevenage is the unhappiest place in Hertfordshire, according to Government data.

As part of a UK-wide wellbeing survey, the Office for National Statistics asked people to rate how happy, anxious, worthwhile and satisfied they felt out of 10.

People in Stevenage averaged 7.08 for happiness – the lowest in the county – while East Herts’ rating of 7.72 was the highest. With 7.58, North Herts was the fourth happiest out of the 10 districts, while Central Bedfordshire recorded 7.47.

Life satisfaction is also considered bleak for Stevenage residents, with only people in St Albans rating it lower – with areas averaging 7.35 and 7.31 respectively. North Herts registered 7.53 and people in Central Bedfordshire have the most life satisfaction in Comet country, with 7.64.

People in Stevenage are the most anxious in the county, with a rating of 3.72, compared to people in North Herts who are least anxious with 2.69. Central Bedfordshire recorded 2.74.

In terms of feeling worthwhile, people in Stevenage ranked themselves joint lowest with Dacorum, with a score of 7.55. North Herts registered 7.72 and Central Beds 7.69.

A spokesman for the Stevenage Wellbeing Centre, which promotes mental wellbeing, said: “Many social and economic issues can contribute to these feelings, including relationship breakdowns, people living off benefits, and people with drug and alcohol problems. All these issues can lead to anxiety and depression.

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“Being a new town, Stevenage might not have the established community networks to make people feel they belong, leading to alienation.”