Stevenage disabled woman’s nightmare Christmas present

Franki Sanson pictured where her car was damaged

Franki Sanson pictured where her car was damaged - Credit: Archant

A careless driver has caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage to a disabled woman’s car.

The damage to the car may be worth more that its value.

The damage to the car may be worth more that its value. - Credit: Archant

One of Franki Sanson’s neighbours knocked on her door on Friday morning to tell her that someone had smashed into the back of her Mazda MX-5, smashing the rear bumper, the rear lights and denting some of the side panelling.

The 59-year-old rents a garage from Stevenage Borough Council and had parked her car on the driveway outside the garage the night before. When she went to see the damage she found that her motor had been shunted four feet from where it had been parked.

She said: “On the day I felt sick and it was more upsetting because there was no one to blame.

“I wouldn’t dream of not leaving my details if I did something like this. I don’t know how much it is going to cost but the garage have told me it needs a new bumper, lights and panels which is going to cost me my excess of £350.

“It will go out of my Christmas budget so it’s going to get a bit lean this year.

“I work and don’t claim benefits so I’m not destitute but I have got a mortgage and bills to pay and I budget for things and this cost has added a big additional strain.”

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Franki suffered a serious injury when she fell down some stairs in 2008 and badly damaged her right ankle leaving it with no cartilage. She also suffers from arthritis in her hands meaning she cannot carry heavy things and walk at the same time.

She now works from home as a technical surveyor but relies on her car to do her shopping and get around.

She added: “It’s not a new car so the damage might be worth (more) than the car and I’ll struggle to afford to replace it.

“When you drive you expect costs because the roads are busy and dangerous.

“But I haven’t had an accident that was my fault for many years and now this has happened.

“I am disabled and can’t walk for long distances so I need my car to get around because I can’t carry heavy things and walk so I can’t use public transport. I do not want to penalise anybody but why should I be penalised when it is not my fault.

“I know this has happened to others and I really sympathise with them also.

“Accidents happen but it’s difficult to understand why somebody wouldn’t own up to this as their vehicle will be badly damaged also so in all likelihood they will have to make an insurance claim too.”

Anyone who saw anything can contact the Comet’s news desk on 01438 866000.