Dad's selfless act in two-month search for missing son

Missing Stevenage man Chay Hubner

Stevenage man Chay Hubner has been missing for more than two months, dad Stuart says - Credit: Courtesy of Stuart Hubner

A dad who says he has been tirelessly searching for his son since he went missing more than two months ago is now asking for help in supporting rough sleepers he has met during his search.

Stuart Hubner, who lives in Stevenage, says his 28-year-old son Chay went missing at the end of August with no money, ID or spare clothes and, since then, his phone has been switched off and he hasn't been to work.

"He just disappeared without reason," Stuart said.

He says Chay had been "sofa surfing" in Stevenage before he went missing, and has since been spotted in London King's Cross station and Camden, with Stuart believing he is living on the streets.

Stuart said: "The police stopped him at King's Cross [at the beginning of September] but, because he was in good health and of no fixed abode, they didn't do anything.

"I just want him to get in contact so I can make sure he's OK. It's the not knowing.

"He's been seen a lot around King's Cross and Camden, so I go looking after working a 12-hour shift and I walk around for six hours.

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"I've noticed the homeless people I talk to have no sleeping bags or covers and are asleep in just their clothes on the floor."

Stuart is now collecting sleeping bags, hats, scarves, gloves, thermal socks, hand warmers and foil blankets to hand out to people in need while he's searching for his son.

Stuart explained: "I'm not looking for money, as most I've come across are on crack or spice and I don't want them wasting money on drugs, but I would love to help a few out who have helped me and have given their time.

"I never realised just how many people are living on the streets - I used to walk around and ignore them. Drug use is absolutely rife and spice is so cheap. They are taking it just to fall asleep, because they are so cold. They are in a right state.

"It's getting colder and I feel guilty tucking myself under a cover.

"Thank you to everyone who has gone out of their way to help and donated so far. I want to thank the company I work for - Stort Mill Recovery - because they have just donated foil blankets and hand warmers."

If you can help, call Stuart on 07936 368889.