Stevenage cyclists turn up to film One Show

Cyclists set off around Stevenage

Cyclists set off around Stevenage - Credit: Archant

Cyclists from across town turned up to take part in a special being filmed for The One Show.

The BBC feature was presented by former paralympic athlete Ade Adepitan, who led a group of voluntary cyclists on a bike ride around Stevenage.

The piece was filmed to celebrate the work of Eric Claxton, an engineer who helped design Stevenage and gave the new town its Netherlands-style cycle network in the hopes of promoting healthy and clean transportation.

Mr Adepitan was full of praise for the tracks. He said: “It was great, I loved it. It was a lot of fun filming here. It’s great to have a pathway that is specifically for bikes. In comparison to everywhere else, it really is on a different level.”

Although an exact transmission date has not yet been set, the piece is expected to air within the next fortnight.