Stevenage council launches jobs initiative

Bev Jones, North Herts College, Paul Maguire, Magnite PR, Lynn Champion, Job Centre Plus, Sharon Tay

Bev Jones, North Herts College, Paul Maguire, Magnite PR, Lynn Champion, Job Centre Plus, Sharon Taylor, leader of Stevenage Borough Council, Judith Sutton, Herts County Council's Youth Connexions, Maree Atkinson, Federation of Small Businesses, and Elizabeth Dand, Stevenage Borough Council - Credit: Archant

A project which aims to provide 250 job opportunities for the unemployed was launched yesterday (Tuesday).

Stevenage Borough Council will work alongside relevant organisations, businesses and schools to offer 250 employment opportunities – be it a full-time job, an apprenticeship or a placement – over the next two years.

The council revealed the initiative, named The 250 Club, as part of the annual Stevenage Business Summit which was held in the town’s Business and Technology Centre.

So far the scheme has received backing from Stevenage Job Centre Plus, Youth Connexions, Young Enterprise, Hertfordshire County Council, Stevenage Bioscientist Catalyst, Blue Arrow and Magnite PR.

“What we’re asking is for every employer that can to create a job, apprenticeship, work experience or training placement,” said borough council leader Sharon Taylor.

“If companies want to employ somebody but can’t find the skills they need then the project can help fulfil that role. It’s about getting the right skills – with training offered if required – for the right job. Our target is to create 250 job opportunities in the next two years and I’m hopeful we can achieve that.

“This is particularly important for young people as if you don’t find work between leaving school and being in your early 20s that can have a real impact on the rest of your working life. This is about reaching out to these young people, making them feel more independent and enabling them to support themselves. It’s an awful waste when people are out of work who don’t want to be and this has to change.”

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Job seekers will be able to view the opportunities available via – which is expected to go live by the end of the month.