Stevenage council criticised over ‘horrendous’ rubbish problem

Rubbish is overflowing at The Oval in Stevenage

Rubbish is overflowing at The Oval in Stevenage - Credit: Archant

A call for action has been made after mounds of rotting rubbish were left in a shopping precinct car park, in an ongoing issue labelled “vile”.

Stevenage Borough Council (SBC) has been criticised for failing to do anything about overflowing bins used by residents living in flats at The Oval on Vardon Road in Stevenage.

Resident Anthony Thompson said fly-tipping is also an issue which has not been addressed.

“The Oval shops are disgusting,” he said.

“There is residents’ rubbish overflowing and spilling all over the floor and spreading to the car park. This is vile.

“Why is Stevenage Borough Council not doing anything about this ongoing issue? It is horrendous.

“People pay council tax for their rubbish to be cleared.”

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He says having the bins in open view encourages people to fly-tip their rubbish.

“The other day someone got out of their car and dumped a fridge by the bins and drove off,” said Mr Thompson.

“How can the council expect residents to live like this? Why don’t they build a refuse area that is out of sight? At least that way the rubbish can’t spread everywhere and stink. The council is too afraid of spending money.”

He has implored SBC to “sort this mess out”.

A spokesman for the council said: “We are aware of the problems and are working with residents and traders to try and address them.

“Clearly there is a need for further bins, and we will provide additional bins where there is space to do so. We know the overflowing bins are unsightly and are installing screens so they are not on show.

“We inspect the area regularly but encourage residents who witness fly-tipping to report it. We will take necessary enforcement action where we can.

“Our housing teams are planning a neighbourhood survey to understand the extent of the problem and develop some effective solutions.”