Stevenage community raises funds to replace disabled man’s stolen wheelchair

Give Back to Stevenage logo.

Give Back to Stevenage logo. - Credit: Archant

The Stevenage community has raised the funds needed to buy a disabled man a new wheelchair after his was stolen from outside his girlfriend’s home while she was helping him inside.

The victim, who did not want to be named, suffers from fybromyalgia - a long-term condition which causes extreme pain all over the body - and is undergoing tests for multiple sclerosis.

He was left housebound after his wheelchair was stolen from outside his girlfriend’s home in the Bedwell area of Stevenage earlier this month.

To add to his misery, he was targeted by internet trolls mocking his plight after he wrote a post about his situation on Facebook.

Within days of the theft, community group Give Back To Stevenage had raised funds and replaced the wheelchair for the victim.

Sam Wood, for GBTS, said: “He would like to thank everyone for their support.

“People come from all walks of life and they face difficulties every day - some more challenging than others.

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“Some people have to push themselves harder to achieve their goal, and others want to achieve that goal but are faced with a difficulty that, without aid of some kind, they cannot do. To take away that aid, to make life even harder for someone, is totally unacceptable and to steal a wheelchair is one of the lowest acts that can be done.

“We, as a whole, thank everybody who contributed to restoring this man’s faith in humanity and giving him back the aid needed to achieve some of his goals.”