Stevenage child chief suspect after international Mexican wrestler who’s performed for TNA Impact Wrestling left capeless following six-man bust-up

El Ligero wearing his missing cape. Credit: Brett Hadley

El Ligero wearing his missing cape. Credit: Brett Hadley - Credit: Archant

Capes might seem something of a flamboyant wardrobe extra to most people, but they’re an essential piece of kit for a Mexican wrestler.

El Ligero with another cape. Credit: Richard Ian Travis

El Ligero with another cape. Credit: Richard Ian Travis - Credit: Archant

International performer El Ligero is no exception, and he’s out for the count after losing his cape while wrestling for Southside Wrestling Entertainment at Stevenage’s Gordon Craig Theatre on Sunday.

On the night he removed the handmade purple cape before making his entrance to the six-man battle – and hasn’t seen anything of it since.

The 30-year-old, who began wrestling 13 years ago, said: “On my entrance I normally unclip it before getting into the ring and usually there is a staff member there to collect it but on this occasion there wasn’t.

“I had been on the road for the previous five days and it was really annoying to lose it.”

Also known as Negras Ligero, the grunt and grapple has performed all over the world and even worked for leading American firm TNA Impact Wrestling.

Ligero had the cape specially made for him and shipped from Holland in 2008.

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He says it is an essential part of one of his acts and after looking at CCTV from the theatre on the night, believes a young boy may have taken it.

“The film wasn’t that clear but you can tell that he’s young,” he said.

“You would expect his parents would have taught him better.”

Anyone who has information about the cape’s whereabouts should contact Ligero via his @Ligero1 Twitter account or email

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