Stevenage cat Gus goes missing for six days – then turns up in West London

Gus was found more than 30 miles from home

Gus was found more than 30 miles from home - Credit: Archant

An intrepid cat who went missing for almost a week was eventually found more than 30 miles from home.

Gus was found more than 30 miles from home

Gus was found more than 30 miles from home - Credit: Archant

Tanya Canetti who lives in Great Ashby with her 17-year-old daughter Holly and five-year-old son Joseph, thought the family had lost pet cat Gus after he failed to return home.

Tanya said: “Gus is an extremely loving and friendly cat.

“I was used to him disappearing for a night or two, so wasn’t particularly worried when he went out on a Wednesday night and didn’t come home.

“After a couple of nights with no sign of him, I went out to search, but to no avail. I posted an appeal on Facebook, as Gus is well-known locally, and it received a huge response. Unfortunately, however, nobody had seen him. We started to think we might not get him back.”

But the following Tuesday morning, Tanya received a call from Bayswater Veterinary Referral Clinic in West London saying Gus had been found.

Tanya said: “He was dirty and thin, but otherwise fine. While astonished he had made it all the way into London, we were overjoyed and Joseph and I drove straight there to collect him.”

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It turned out one Stefanie Marsh, had seen Gus wandering in her street near Pembroke Park late one evening, thin and dirty and clearly looking for home.

She fed and showered him and he spent the night on an old sofa in her garage, before she took him to the vets the following day, where it was discovered he was chipped, and Tanya was contacted.

Tanya said: “It shows how very important it is that pet owners have their pet chipped. Without it, we would never have got him back.

“We have no idea how he got there. He was absolutely filthy and presume he’d gotten into a car or van and then escaped at some point.

“We are delighted to have him back. He’s been clingy and has barely left the house since his adventure, but has put the weight he lost back on, and is happy and settled.”