Stevenage boy brings home medal haul at national dwarf games

A BOY who was born with a condition called Achondroplasia, otherwise known as dwarfism, has triumphantly brought home seven medals after competing in the Dwarf Sports Association’s (DSA) National Games.

Daniel Allen, 11, of Sweyns Mead in Stevenage, took part in the annual competition which was held in Wolverhampton over the bank holiday weekend.

The Nobel School student, who has been taking part in the annual competition since he was two years old, competed with other children who have the same condition.

Having competed in nine events, Daniel brought home seven medals: gold for discus, gold for hockey, gold for basketball, silver for 25 metres freestyle swim, silver for javelin, silver for 25 metres swim relay and silver for football.

Daniel was awarded his medals by Ellie Simmonds, a double gold medalist paralympic world champion swimmer.

Supporting Daniel at the event were his mum and dad. His mum, Sharon, said: “We are very proud of Daniel. He is always very happy and he is comfortable being who he is. He gets very nervous before the competition, but is absolutely chuffed and very pleased with his achievements.”

Next year Daniel will be taking part in the World Dwarf Games in America, which will be his first international competition.

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Mrs Allen continued: “Daniel has received a fantastic reception for his achievements, especially from his headteacher Alistair Craig, as well as all the teachers, staff and pupils. The school has shown him so much praise and have been extremely supportive.”

At the DSA National Games in May 2010, Daniel, then aged nine, won a gold medal and also achieved a world record for the longest distance frisbee throw in the dwarf athletics under 11s, reaching a distance of 23.04metres. Daniel’s throw still remains unbeaten.