Stevenage boss says transfer window proposals will just shift the chaos to another point

Darren Sarll speaks to The Comet at the training ground press conference.

Darren Sarll speaks to The Comet at the training ground press conference. - Credit: Archant

Stevenage manager Darren Sarll believes that proposals to move the end of the summer transfer window to before the season starts are pointless and will just “move the chaos a month earlier”.

The Premier League have raised the issue and will vote on the idea at a meeting early next month.

And the EFL have said they too will bring it up for discussion.

But Sarll says whenever the window ends, there won’t be a discernable difference.

“All you do is move the chaos a month earlier,” he said. “That’s all it is; it’s still the same chaos.

“And as long as there’s a deadline, it’ll go right up to the deadline.

“Harry Redknapp will still be filmed on deadline day coming out of his training ground saying that his business is done, exactly like I’ve grew up watching.

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“The deadline is the deadline. I don’t really care [when it is], I’m not really fussed. It’s still a 10-month season.

“If you get [your business] done before the start of the season, you might only have one day before the opening game.

“But if you really want [that player] to play in your team, you’re behind because they haven’t done anything with you.

“If you sign them at the end of August then you’ve still got nine months hopefully; you never know with the tenure of a manager.

“So it’s either or. I think you just move the chaos from one point in a month to another.

“From a coach’s point of view, the reason you do your business early is so you’ve got six weeks to work with them, to get to know them, before you throw them into the chaos of the season.

“Sign them the day before or sign them after it has started, you’re still not ready.

“I think there’s so many things that managers have to worry about but we’re very lucky with regards to recruitment here.

“There’s so much I’ve got to worry about that it’s handy to have the Leon Hunter, Glenn Roeder and Phil Wallace’s of this world.”