Stevenage Borough Council 2019 election candidates confirmed

Stevenages four party leaders for those contesting the Stevenage Borough Council local elections nex

Stevenages four party leaders for those contesting the Stevenage Borough Council local elections next week have set their stalls out as residents prepare to go to the polls. Picture: DANNY LOO - Credit: Picture: DANNY LOO

The full list of candidates has been confirmed ahead of elections to Stevenage Borough Council next month.

The district council has 39 seats, with a third up for election in 2019.

Currently Stevenage Borough Council is controlled by Labour, who have 26 councillors, with nine from the Conservatives and four from the Liberal Democrats.

Elections are being held on Thursday, May 2, for 13 seats in 13 wards. Eight seats are being defended by Labour, the Conservatives are defending four, and one is being defended by the Lib Dems.

There are a total of 46 candidates going to the poll with Labour, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems set to battle it out for every seat with 13 candidates each, while the Green Party have put forward seven.

If you haven’t already, you must register to vote by this Friday, April 12. To find out more about voting and the elections, visit

The candidates in each seat are as follows:

Bandley Hill:

Most Read

• Andrew David Anderson (Lib Dem)

• Adrian Richard Brown (Labour)

• Nicholas Rohan Foster (Conservative)


• Liz Harrington (Labour)

• Nicholas John Leech (Conservative)

• Nick MacMillan (Lib Dem)

• Victoria Louise Snelling (Green)


• Stephen John Booth (Lib Dem)

• David Peter Ingarfill (Green)

• Pam Stuart (Labour)

• Matthew Paul Wyatt (Conservative)


• Nigel Robert Bye (Lib Dem)

• Alexander Michael Farquharson (Conservative)

• Chris Webb (Labour)


• James David Corrigan (Conservative)

• Robin Gareth Parker (Lib Dem)

• David Stanley Wood (Labour)

Martins Wood:

• Jill Brinkworth (Lib Dem)

• Teresa Lynn Callaghan (Labour)

• Bret Ray Facey (Conservative)

Old Town:

• James Robert Phillip Fraser (Conservative)

• George Eric Pinder (Lib Dem)

• Loraine Graziella Rossati (Labour)

• Elizabeth Genevieve Sturges (Green)

Pin Green:

• Naomi Ruth Collins (Green)

• Andy Facey (Conservative)

• Ross London (Lib Dem)

• Jeannette Audrey Thomas (Labour)


• Paul Matthew Barber (Lib Dem)

• John Gardner (Labour)

• Martin John Malocco (Green)

• Janet Marie Munro (Conservative)


• Celia Gwendolyn Lawrence (Conservative)

• Charles Galton Darwin Littleton (Lib Dem)

• Michael Andrew Malocco (Green)

• Sarah Jane Mead (Labour)

St Nicholas:

• Claire Lesley Parris (Labour)

• Daniel Peter Charles Snell (Lib Dem)

• Mandi Tandi (Conservative)

Symonds Green:

• Michael Downing (Labour)

• Clive Hearmon (Lib Dem)

• Richard David Warr (Green)

• Alexandra Marianne Young (Conservative)


• Neil Geoffrey Brinkworth (Lib Dem)

• Jim Callaghan (Labour)

• Graham Edward Lawrence (Conservative)