Stevenage beavers, cubs and scouts left ‘devastated’ after vandals destroy their flower beds

St Nicholas scout group

St Nicholas scout group - Credit: Archant

Beavers, cubs and scouts were left devastated after vandals destroyed flower beds which were planted the day before.

About 30 youngsters from St Nicholas Scouts in Stevenage planted ‘bee bunkers’ and shrubbery at a spot by St Nicholas shops on Friday as part of environmental awareness project.

But on Saturday evening assistant leader Sue Searle received a text message telling her the bed had been trashed and the bee bunkers smashed.

Sue said: “It was totally gutting. I have some very devastated cubs, scouts and beavers.

“What annoys me most is that everyone blames the youth of the day, but it was the youth of the day that planted it. It is just so disappointing.”

She said money the group were raising to buy all terrain wheelchairs for disabled children would now have to be put aside in case anyone trashed the beds again.

The group has been given a Stevenage Borough Council licence making them responsible for what goes in the bed – so if it is destroyed again they are in charge of clearing up the mess.

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Vicky Homer’s five-year-old son Brandon-Lee is one of the beavers who helped plant the flowers.

Vicky said: “He feels sad as all their hard work is ruined and the flowers were damaged.

“I am disgusted that someone could damage the flower beds.

“The children that worked on this gave up their morning on Good Friday and worked so hard.”

County councillor Richard Henry, who donated £250 towards buying the tools and flowers for the project, said: “It is good that groups are starting to take an interest in improving the town, and it is sad when mindless vandals just destroy it.”

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