Stevenage baby born at 27 weeks to appear in BBC’s Call the Midwife

Nick and Fiona Minett-Watkins with their daughters Jasmine and Lacymai

Nick and Fiona Minett-Watkins with their daughters Jasmine and Lacymai - Credit: Archant

A baby born just 27 weeks into her mother’s pregnancy will appear on BBC television show Call the Midwife this Sunday.

Fiona Minett-Watkins, of Kimbolton Crescent in Stevenage, gave birth to daughter Lacymai in May last year – more than three months before her due date.

Weighing just 2lb 4oz, Lacymai remained at Lister Hospital in Stevenage for nine weeks until she was well enough to go home with mum Fiona, dad Nick and three-year-old sister Jasmine.

Now eight-month-old Lacymai is appearing in the drama alongside actors Jessica Raine and Miranda Hart.

Mrs Minett-Watkins, 33, said: “I only got to hold her for a few seconds before she was taken to intensive care.

“During her stay in hospital emotions were very high but we stayed strong and she managed to make a full recovery. I remember peering through the incubator feeling helpless, shocked and overwhelmed by everything that had happened. It was very stressful and scary but she showed so much strength and amazed us all the way.

“When she was born her head was the size of an apple, her hand the size of my thumb and her body the length of a small water bottle.

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“A friend told me the Call the Midwife producers were looking for small babies and suggested we go for it. She was really well behaved and slept through most of the first day. I was always allowed to be nearby so I could step in if it got stressful for her. It was a really crazy experience.”

Lacymai underwent two blood transfusions and received breathing support during her stay in hospital but has not suffered any long-term problems as a result of her premature birth and now weighs 13lb 4oz.

She will appear in this Sunday’s episode of Call the Midwife which airs on BBC One at 8pm.