Stevenage woman’s appeal to help save life of Artin, 11, after cancer shock

Iranian Artin Khosravi, 11, has been battling cancer for three years and has recently been told it h

Iranian Artin Khosravi, 11, has been battling cancer for three years and has recently been told it has spread. Picture: Courtesy of Melissa Afshar - Credit: Archant

A young boy who has been fighting for his life since being diagnosed with cancer three years ago has been dealt the devastating blow that the cancer has spread, and an urgent appeal has been launched to support him and his family.

Artin Khosravi was just eight years old when he was diagnosed with stage three lymphoma, having been suffering extreme chest pain, heart and breathing problems, fevers and insomnia.

Family friend Melissa Afshar, who lives in Stevenage, said: “Doctors found a huge tumour cradling the extent of his chest. He underwent months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, suffering from its effects and being gravely ill.

“Between summer 2018 and summer 2019 Artin’s condition drastically improved and he was responding well to treatment. However, in recent weeks doctors have revealed that his cancer has spread. Artin now has cancerous cells in his spinal fluids.

“Before this, Artin, who is now 11, was experiencing depression due to his ill health and isolation from other children his age. He is too unwell to attend school or play with other children, and he struggles to sleep because he has difficulty breathing and is anxious about bedtime.

“Artin’s parents have the difficulty of providing him with full-time care, as well as working to put food on the table. The stress this family is bravely living through is unimaginable.” Healthcare in Artin’s home country, Iran, is not free, so Melissa has organised a fundraising appeal to help pay for his treatment.

She said: “The political and economic situation there means many medicines and treatments are not readily available.

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“The money raised will provide him and his family with medical and pastoral care, giving them the opportunity to travel overseas for advanced medical procedures.” It is hoped donations will also pay for some fun family activities.

Melissa said: “Artin is quite shy, very sweet, modest and polite. I want to turn his story from one of sympathy and sorrow into one of hope and togetherness.

“I want his life to become better. I want him to heal fully and have the same opportunities as other children his age. I want him to be happy, healthy and enjoying life, but even the slightest improvement is invaluable.”

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