Stephen lends an arm to highlight importance of flu jabs in his Stevenage constituency

Stephen McPartland receiving his flu jab.

Stephen McPartland receiving his flu jab. - Credit: Archant

He may have blue blood rather than red running through his political veins, but Stevenage MP Stephen McPartland braved the needle to show everyone how easy it is to get a vital flu jab at pharmacies in his constituency.

Stephen McPartland with staff at the Oaks Cross pharmacy

Stephen McPartland with staff at the Oaks Cross pharmacy - Credit: Archant

Stephen had his jab this year as part of the national pharmacy flu vaccination service, which offers free vaccinations to a wide range of people.

The aim of the jab is to increase the number of ‘at risk’ people being protected from ill health over the winter months.

Stephen had his jab at Oaks Cross Chemist in Oaks Cross, Stevenage which is run by Mr and Mrs Shah.

He said afterwards: “This is an excellent service and so accessible, with no appointments required. It only takes a few minutes and many patients are loyal to their pharmacy, so everyone knows each other quite well, making it an easy experience. The scheme will help protect people from health complications through the winter months by making sure they have their flu jab.”

Mr and Mrs Shah said, “The NHS community pharmacy flu vaccination service, which is available in Hertfordshire again this year, is a great opportunity for more ‘at risk’ people to have their vaccination, protecting them during the winter.

“Community pharmacies are the most accessible healthcare locations and this service makes it easier than ever for you to get vaccinated free and without the need for an appointment. This is the second year that the NHS is allowing community pharmacies to participate in flu vaccinations and we look forward to helping the NHS protect more people this year.

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“Customers have commented this service is excellent as it is informal, relaxed and with no appointment. Our loyal regular customers have been very supportive and we would like to thank them for their support”.

All adult patients who are eligible for NHS flu vaccinations will be able to have them free of charge at local community pharmacies in Hertfordshire.