St John’s looking for new members

A YOUTH organisation that could teach a child how to save someone’s life are looking for new members.

St John Ambulance are looking for youngsters to join either the Cadet or Badger divisions of its Stotfold branch.

Badgers are open for kids aged between 6-10 and Cadets, which follows on from the Badgers, is open for those until they’re 18.

Zena Collings, Stotfold Badger leader and divisional officer, said: “Being a Cadet gives young people the chance to be an integral part of their local community.

“They learn life-saving first aid skills that could help them to be the difference between life and death in an emergency situation at home, school or wherever they might be.

“We put a big emphasis on having fun whilst learning at both Badgers and Cadets, and it’s a great place for young people to meet and socialise with each other.

“We always make new members feel welcome and hope that many more young people might consider coming along to see whether they would like to be a St John Ambulance Badger or Cadet.”

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To find out how your child can become a member of Stotfold Badgers or Cadets, Zena Collings on 01438 218058 or email at