Spurs youngster Ogilvie has been ‘outstanding’ for us, says Sheringham

Connor Ogilvie has extended his loan deal from Spurs.

Connor Ogilvie has extended his loan deal from Spurs. - Credit: Archant

Boro boss also says that while Premier League clubs can go out and buy replacements, the ‘fun’ part of his job is working with players to improve their game

Teddy Sheringham says Spurs youngster Connor Ogilvie has been ‘outstanding’ since joining Stevenage on loan.

The 19-year-old joined the club on an initial one-month deal in August before earlier this week agreeing to extend his stay at the Lamex until January.

He has started Boro’s last four matches, scoring against Plymouth, and speaking about his left-back Sheringham said: “For a young player coming from the Premier League into League Two I would presume it’s like a big shock.

“It’s very different football from U21 football, but he’s grasped it with both hands. I think he’s been outstanding since he came in.

“Having said that, Jerome [Okimo, Boro’s other left-back] was very consistent in that position anyway but when you are changing players you try to make a little percentage difference in each player, in each position. I felt that would be the case with Connor.

“I think he’s slipped into the team and has done very well in his position.”

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Asked just how difficult it is for young players to adapt, Sheringham added: “Left-backs are left-backs, you can see them a mile off. They hold their position, they play their position and they get the ball out of their feet and onto their left nicely.

“They defend their area, and they adapt. But the actual pace and physicality of League Two could have been a shock to him, but he’s taken it onboard and has got involved and has done well.”

And asked if attacking full-backs, such as Ogilvie, are key to the way that he wants his teams to play, Sheringham said: “I want quality all over the pitch, and he’s got very good quality.

“It gets very disappointing when you get into good positions up the pitch and you haven’t got the quality to match where you are on the pitch and what’s needed.

“I like the fact that I have my players, that this is my squad and that is what I’ve got to work with.

“The fact that the quality needs to be a little bit better, it’s fun trying to make the squad better.

“In the Premier League you go out and buy someone else who can do it; the fun part, the working part, of being a manager is working on these little details and seeing the progress.

“You see people getting better at certain things in their job. That’s why I keep getting on to my players about little details about what can make the team better.”