Sisters reunited thanks to a Comet reader

TWO sisters have been reunited after more than a decade apart thanks to a Christmas card and a Comet reader.

Caite Petts of Letchworth Place on the Jackmans Estate has been receiving a mystery Christmas card addressed to Ann Bailey for the past five years.

But the card, which was always signed by someone named Stephanie was being sent to the wrong address

Miss Petts, 39, said: “Every year I always put the card back in the post, but it obviously never finds its owner and the people sending it don’t know they are using the wrong address.

“This year I did the same but the card came back to me again, and so I took the liberty of opening it to see if I can find any clues.”

“Someone goes to that much effort to write and send a Christmas card and I wanted that person to get their best wishes.

“Someone has been thinking about her every year at this special time and it just seems such a shame that she has missed out on these cards for the last five years,” she added.

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Miss Petts contacted the Comet to help her find Ann Bailey in time for Christmas. The Comet made enquires to track Mrs Bailey down who was amazed. Mrs Bailey, 69, who lives nearby in Newells on the Jackmans Estate in Letchworth GC told the Comet that Stephanie is her elder sister who she lost contact with more than 10 years ago.

Although her sister moved to Norfolk, Mrs Bailey continued sending her a card each year.

She said: “I just assumed that she was away, or busy so that was why I didn’t get her card, now I know why I’ve not been getting them in return.”

The mother of five said she felt disappointed that she had missed out on her sister’s Christmas cards.

Speaking about how she felt to finally read a Christmas card from her, she said: “I am really grateful and absolutely delighted that Caite has kept this year’s card, and I would like to thank her very much for trying to find me and get in contact.”

Mrs Bailey who will be spending Christmas Day and Boxing Day with her children and grandchildren said she will call her sister now she has received the card to wish her a Merry Christmas.

She said: “Although I lost contact with her I do think about her.”