Sinclair sees room for improvement

Boro midfielder ‘still learning’

Rob Sinclair says there is still room for improvement in his game.

The Boro midfielder scored two goals in Stevenage’s 4-0 win over Macclesfield Town on Saturday, and although pleased with his goals the 21-year-old says his performance could have been better.

“They started brightly and we dealt with their brightness, shut them out, and I thought we then got on top and we got a goal and pressed them back,” Sinclair told The Comet.

“The space gave me some freedom to attack the full-back and I did sometimes, but sometimes I think I should have done better with my end product.

“I’m still young and I’ll learn when to release the ball and when to carry on going with it.”

Sinclair’s first goal saw him beat Jose Veiga to the ball at the far post to head in on the goal-line despite protests from the Macclesfield goalkeeper that he had been fouled, and the midfielder’s second was a strike under Veiga after team-mate Darius Charles had seen a 60-yard run stopped by the Macclesfield goalkeeper.

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“I think the first one, Lawrie (Wilson) crossed it in and I think their lad (Nat Brown) handballed it and it just fell between me and the ‘keeper and I just went through with it, it wasn’t a foul.

“(The second) was basically all thanks to Darius and it was just a tap in for me so I said to Darius ‘cheers’”.