Self-styled ‘Mrs Angry’ from Stevenage claims she was turned away from voting in EU referendum for wearing Union Jack dress and St George’s Cross flag

Theresa Hicks

Theresa Hicks - Credit: Archant

A grandmother of two claims she has been turned away from a Stevenage polling station this afternoon – as she was sporting a Union Jack dress and draped in a St George’s Cross flag.

Theresa Hicks, from Webb Rise in the town, went to vote in today’s EU referendum at Moss Bury Primary School – but says she was told her Union Jack outfit was ‘inappropriate’.

Furious Theresa told the Comet: “I am very angry about being turned away.

“This referendum is not like voting in the local elections – this vote on the EU is so important.

“Suffragettes died for women to have the vote and I feel very angry at being turned away from trying to exercise my democratic right.”

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Mrs Hicks, 68, was wearing a Union Jack dress, Union Jack glasses and Union Jack flags attached to a headband.

She also wore a St George’s cross flag draped across her shoulders and a homemade Brexit banner.

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She added: “I even offered to put a coat around the poster but they just said no.

“I’m going back to vote but I won’t be taking my Union Jack dress off.

“I’m very angry – in fact you could call me Mrs Angry.”

Scott Crudgington, Stevenage returning officer and chief executive of Stevenage Borough Council, said: “A person was asked to leave one of our polling stations in Stevenage today because she was carrying a ‘vote leave’ placard.

“I am sorry if this caused her any distress but it is important polling stations are kept neutral and free from any campaign material which could influence other voters.

“I believe the person returned without the placard and was able to cast her vote. Polling stations are open until 10pm this evening.

“A Union Jack dress, hat or draped flag would not be seen to be influencing other voters, whereas clothing or placards containing campaign slogans or opinions would.”

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