Scrap those fears over proposed hazardous waste site in Hitchin, says boss

RS Automotive plans to de-pollute scrapped cars

RS Automotive plans to de-pollute scrapped cars - Credit: Archant

A business has scotched fears of an increase in traffic and air pollution following an application to turn its site into a proposed treatment facility for storage of scrap metals and hazardous waste near Hitchin railway station.

RS Automotive Ltd, which is based in Station Approach, has applied to Herts County Council for a change of use of the premises so that it can trade as an authorised treatment facility for end-of-life vehicles and storage of scrap metals and hazardous chemicals, before transportation off site by licensed hazardous waste carriers.

Alison Boyle of the nearby MP Building Ltd said: “My concern is it will impact on air quality, noise and be a potential hazard – as well as its impact being felt by commuters and motorists in and around Hitchin station, which is busy enough as it is.”

But RS Automotive joint owner Rob Buchannan said: “I completely understand the concerns of residents but the fact is we aren’t creating a grand scale extension to our business.

“We’re a de-pollution business – if a vehicle comes to the end of its life it’s deemed as having hazardous waste which could involve oil, petrol, diesel and/or battery acid.

“We’ve a purpose-built concrete shed on hard-standing concrete which the vehicles will be de-polluted in – we don’t envisage any increase in air, odour, or noise pollution, nor an increase in traffic.

“We’ve arranged for one lorry a month to visit us to take away around 450 litres of oil.

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“The scrapped cars will be driven in on a pick-up truck on a daily basis. These are very small volumes.

“We take our responsibilities seriously as a business, and as a good neighbour. We’re more than happy to meet anyone who has concerns or objections.”

A spokesman for Herts County Council said: “Comments will be taken into account when the application is decided.”