Scooter boy Corey goes global with tricks app

A TOP scooter rider has helped launch the world’s first scooter tricks tutor smartphone app.

Corey Wakeman, 16, from Stevenage is one of the UK’s best scooter riders and now appears on the first scooter tricks app for Apple devices.

Filmed performing ten tricks including a tail whip, bar spin, double peg and hang five, the 81 Customs pro team rider gives a step-by-step guide which featured in Apple’s What’s Hot UK sports category just before Christmas.

Corey, who has been riding for three years, said: “I’m really amazed that the app has been so popular, and it’s weird to think that people across the other side of the world will be learning new tricks by watching my videos!

“Filming was great fun and I tried to include as much information as possible so that everyone will find the trick videos useful.”

The 81 Customs Scooter Tricks App is available at �1.49 from iTunes.

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