SBC: Labour hold Stevenage’s Bedwell and Longmeadow

BOTH Labour seats for the wards of Bedwell and Longmeadow have been held comfortably.

Bedwell: Liz Harrington (Lab) 1,107 (ELECTED)

Ian Cropton (Green) 114

Steve Glennon (Trade Unionists & Socialists Against Cuts) 53

Sean Howlett (UKIP) 258

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Ellin Joseph (Con) 421

Longmeadow: Monika Cherney-Craw (Lab) 835 (ELECTED)

Most Read

Ralph Baskerville (Lib Dem) 195

Michelle Calcutt (Con) 723

Vicky Gabriel (UKIP) 177

Helen Kerr (Trade Unionists & Socialists Against Cuts) 62

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