Royston road rage victim whose BMW was battered in Hitchin: ‘I feared for my safety’

Police are looking for a cyclist of heavy build following a damage to a BMW this morning

Police are looking for a cyclist of heavy build following a damage to a BMW this morning - Credit: Archant

A grandfather who was the driver of a BMW attacked by a cyclist this morning in Hitchin – described as being of heavy build – has spoken of his fear during the incident.

The 62-year-old driver from Royston said: “I was driving on Charlton Road behind a cyclist who for no reason at all started throwing his arms up in the arms, gesticulating, and telling me to keep my distance.

“I was about two car lengths behind, so I was.

“He became quite flustered even though I hadn’t done anything wrong. He then put his bike down and tried to open the doors on my passenger side. Luckily the doors were locked, otherwise it beggars belief what he could have done.

“I’ve got a great big boot mark on my door as he aggressively kicked it with his heel. My car is dark blue and he left vivid black marks from the rubber of his boots, and dents.

“He then picked up his bike and cycled off, probably thinking: ‘I need to get out of here pretty quickly.’

“I am very shaken. I was fearful for my safety and felt really threatened. He was aggressive and unpredictable – I really couldn’t see why he acted in such a threatening manner.

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“I am 62 and of slim build. I was very shaken up. It’s taken me all day to recover.

“It was mad behaviour from someone who was very red in the face and quite intimidating.

“It will also cost me around £800 to repair the damage. I just hope he is caught so he can’t be tempted to do this type of thing to anyone else.” The confrontation happened at the junction of the A602 Park Way with Charlton Road at about 7.40am. Police say the cyclist is in his 40s, of heavy build, with a fair complexion and glasses. He wore a cycling helmet and clothing with orange high-visibility patches.

Police are appealing for witnesses to call 101.