Row over Wymondley Network Rail fencing

NEWLY installed fencing segregating a railway track from a Little Wymondley road has been slated for the “unsightly mess” it has made.

Trees and foliage have been removed from the side of St Mary’s Church Road to make space for the green metal spiked fencing that is being place there.

The works started last Wednesday and have continued since, with other locations in the village also undergoing renovation.

Jeremy Sage lives in the village and has criticised Network Rail for not consulting residents on the change. He said: “It is completely unnecessary and causing expense for Network Rail. The replacement is completely inappropriate for the location.

“Network Rail are transforming our environment from a quiet country lane to an industrial depot. The organisation is showing a lack of consideration for the environment and impact on local residents.

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“I cannot see any reason why wooden panel fencing cannot be used, as is often the case alongside motorways.”

Network Rail said that it would only remove trees if it was necessary. A spokesman added: “The existing fencing at this location consists of loosely strung wires between fence posts.

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“This type of fencing fails to meet our safety requirements and is clearly not a suitable border between residential properties and the railway. It fails to provide the security that an operational railway requires and that homeowners deserve.

“Trains travel along this line at speeds of up to 125mph, weigh several hundred tonnes and can take the length of several football pitches to stop.

“We make no apologies for making sure the railway is secure to prevent the trespass and stop people inadvertently accessing railway land.”

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