Long-term flooding fix earmarked for major Stevenage road

red car stuck in flood water

A car gets stuck after heavy rain caused flooding in Martins Way, Stevenage. - Credit: Supplied

Herts County Council's highways contractor has promised that works to provide a long-term fix for flooding on a major Stevenage road will be under way later this year.

Last week, Martins Way was closed for four days, after parts of it were submerged in flood water following heavy rain on Thursday, January 14.

With residents' complaints mounting, and this being a persistent issue on the road, we asked Ringway when a long-term fix might be coming to prevent the road from flooding.

Ringway have confirmed that plans are in motion to fix the issue on a more long-term basis.

Kevin Carrol, Ringway divisional manager, working on behalf of Hertfordshire County Council, said: ”We are aware of the drainage issues at Martins Way in Stevenage and we attended on Saturday, January 16, to clear the flood water and remove debris and detritus that was blocking the roadside drains.  

"The carriageway was swept clean on Monday morning and the road reopened mid-morning on Monday, January 18.

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"Unfortunately, this will not solve the flooding that occurs when we have prolonged heavy rain, so we are planning works to enhance the roadside gullies to reduce the probability of debris and detritus accumulating in front of them in future.

"We are anticipating these works to be carried out in March.”

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