Review of the year: November

NOVEMBER threw up a remarkable World War II story, a luny UFO caller and a reported killer on the loose.

•AN 88-YEAR-OLD from Weston was surprised to see a picture of himself in The Comet confronted with a team of Nazi saluting German hockey players.

The photo, taken before a Hitchin Boys School game in the spring of 1939 brought back many memories for Graham Sainsbury.

He said: “Beforehand our old master said, ‘They are going to line up and they will give you their normal salute. You are not to laugh, grimace or make any other gesture. Just be British and get on with the match.”

•A CALL to the police by a Stevenage man was used to warn people to think twice before calling 999 in the run-up to Halloween.

The panicked caller rang the emergency services to describe a UFO flying towards his house.

But minutes later the embarrassed man called back to say “he had made a right mistake” and what he had actually seen was the moon.

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•PET owners feared for their animals in Arlesey after reports of cats and dogs being mutilated and left hanging from trees in a graveyard.

Posters of missing pets and reports of a serial killer taking animals off the street spread across the town as a number of cats were reportedly found with their throats cut and another with its jaw broken.

One owner said: “It is absolutely sickening. The person responsible could start getting bored with animals and go on to people. Something weird is going on in this village.”

Police were investigating the reports.