REVEALED: Hertfordshire pothole responses getting worse

Potholes in Yeomanry Drive, Baldock

Potholes in Yeomanry Drive, Baldock - Credit: Archant

LESS than half of “urgent” potholes reported in a town this year were dealt with within 24 hours.

Although 187 potholes requiring urgent action were reported in Stevenage between January 1 and May 19 this year, only 91 were repaired within 24 hours – the time in which Herts County Council recommends they should be dealt with on its website.

Just under two-thirds of the same type of potholes were repaired in North Herts, and 59 per cent countywide.

The response figures, obtained by the Comet under the Freedom of Information Act, are all worse than the same period last year, where 70 per cent of serious potholes were repaired urgently in North Herts, 76 per cent in Stevenage, and 78 per cent countywide.

They are also lower than the same period in 2011.

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Stevenage county councillor Sharon Taylor said she would be taking the matter up with highways contractor Ringway when they meet next week.

“We’re still living in the streets of shame in Stevenage,” she said. “The council really needs to sort this out. I’m disgusted that people driving their cars are being put at risk, and we know it causes particular problems for certain members of the community [on paths].

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“They really need to improve the situation on this, not for it to be getting worse.

“It’s not good enough.”

The county council is also supposed to respond to permanent, non-urgent, repairs within seven to 14 days.

Although the Comet did not receive figures on potholes responded to within two weeks, seven-day responses were all worse in North Herts, Stevenage and countywide than the year previously.

In both Stevenage and North Herts this year, 79 per cent of cases were addressed in time. In the county, that figure was 61.9 per cent.

THE FIGURES (relates to dates from January 1-May 19)

North Herts

Potholes reported in 2013: 1,343

2013 urgent response success: 65.2%

2012 urgent response success: 70%

2011 urgent response success: 83%


Potholes reported in 2013: 569

2013 urgent response success: 48.7%

2012 urgent response success: 76%

2011 urgent response success: 84%


Potholes reported: in 2013: 11,944

2013 urgent response success: 59%

2012 urgent response success: 78.5%

2011 urgent response success: 85%

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