Resident takes to the sky to highlight Letchworth Gate junction danger

The view of Letchworth Gate from Steve Paffet's plane. Credit: Steve Paffet

The view of Letchworth Gate from Steve Paffet's plane. Credit: Steve Paffet - Credit: Archant

A resident has taken to the sky to highlight his concerns with a junction.

Steve Paffett, who lives in Avocet, Letchworth GC, believes the Letchworth Gate junction – the left turning into Letchworth GC after exiting the A1(M) junction 9 going northbound – is a hazard.

Mr Paffet has submitted an aerial video to Youtube of the junction to highlight the safety issues.

He said: “I am amazed that no-one has been killed on the slip road, and I think it is a matter of time before someone is killed. I think if you asked Letchworth residents about it, 90% of them would say it was absolutely bonkers.

“There wasn’t an issue before the lights were there. I think my video demonstrates in two minutes that 70% of people are avoiding the queues and causing problems. And the video I took wasn’t in rush hour, it was early afternoon.

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“It absolutely staggers me that the authorities do not sort this extremely unsatisfactory situation out. I regularly have to come back up the A1 and exit at this junction, sometimes quite wrongly I think it’s drivers who lack confidence in their own judgment that cause the tailbacks.

“However on one of my flights out of Graveley last week I hovered above the junction for a couple of minutes and was astounded at what I saw. Not one or two, but most of the traffic coming up the inside lane, that which you would expect to go round and up towards Royston, was also turning left into Letchworth to avoid the queue. The very queue they were helping to lengthen.

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“Having watched this and thought that none of these motorists are technically doing anything wrong, there is no sign at the top of the right hand lane saying no left turn, and in the meantime those who have used the correct left hand lane for Letchworth are penalised by the flow.”

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