Rabbits causing misery for Shefford mourners

A CEMETERY is overrun with rabbits digging up bulbs and flowers from graves and causing gravestones to become unstable.

The problem at the Campton Road cemetery in Shefford has been described as “horrendous” by Central Bedfordshire Council member Lewis Birt, who represents the Shefford ward.

“They are digging bulbs and flowers up from the graves and eating them. It’s distressing for people.”

Mayor of Shefford Paul Mackin added: “Unfortunately, out in the countryside you do get problems. It’s a continual battle to stop the rabbits causing damage to the graves without upsetting the environmental balance by getting rid of them altogether.

“They can make gravestones unstable, and that’s the biggest danger.”

He said Shefford Town Council’s burial committee is looking into the problem.

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